Roadway Improvements for Chidester St, Elm St, Lenox Rd & Linden Rd

RHMG performed design engineering services for the Village of Glen Ellyn’s Chidester, Elm, Lenox and Linden (CELL) Roadway and Infrastructure Improvements Project. This project included complete infrastructure rehabilitation within an older residential portion of the Village and included Storm sewer replacement, watermain replacement, sanitary sewer repairs, street reconstruction/resurfacing, sidewalk construction and replacement, new curb and gutter and driveway approaches.

During the design phase, RHMG evaluated alternative pavement surfaces and widths and alternative stormwater management best management practices (BMP’s). RHMG also made several presentations to the Village’s Capital Improvement Commission regarding the alternatives and participated in public information meetings. Based on RHMG’s evaluation and recommendations, permeable pavement was incorporated into the final project scope at strategic locations.

The project was successfully constructed in 2014 and received an Engineering Excellence Award from the American Council of Engineering Companies.